Pricing for Production Tools

Compatoon provides the tools of production as a service.

Every production pipe is specific for every studio and for every movie production. So the automation of a process often requires some specific development in order to optimize the tool to the needs of the production.

Therefore the cost implicitly includes the study, the adaptation, the installation and the monitoring of the tools in the customer’s production pipe.
The cost is calculated according to the number of movie scenes to be processed.
So the final price is easy to calculate and it does not depend on the duration of the production.

Rates vary from 0.0 € to 1 € per process depending on the tools which are used and the production size with a maximum of 2 € per scene.

Sample List:

Automated TaskPrice by Scene
Export Background from Photoshop0.05 € ~ 0.10 €
Create Animation Assembly0.50 € ~ 1.00 €
Scene Exportation0.30 € ~ 0.60 €
Movies Creation for Post Production0.10 € ~ 0.20 €
Import Scenes for Compositing 0.40 € ~ 1.00 €